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  How does our TikTok Live Sale work?


 We are so excited to have you join in on the fun!!

By completing and submitting our TikTok Live Sale registration form you are agreeing to our terms & conditions for participating in our TikTok Live Sales.

If you are not an existing customer in our data base and would like to participate in our amazing TikTok Live Sales you must first fill out our Registration Form. 

Terms & Conditions 

Everyone is welcome to participate in our Live Sales. We already have an amazing friendly Crystal Family community.

All items shown in our Live Sales are available for purchase. If you claim an item / items you are agreeing to purchase that item / items and are therefore agreeing to pay for your claimed items. If this is your very first live sale with us before we can accept claims from you, you will be required to process through the one-off $20.00 deposit (please see our deposit listing for full details regarding the deposit). Once this has been received you are then free to continue to make claims. If we do not receive your deposit we will be unable to accept any claims from you.

To claim for an item you just simply type the items number to make your claim for that item. All items that you claim will be added to a basket for you. You can add as many items as you like throughout the sale. On the following day all items in your basket will be placed into a listing on our website and can be found in our TikTok Live Sale Claims section and will be titled by your name or TikTok name. You just simply click on that listing and all your items will be displayed for you. To pay for your claimed items you just simply click "add to cart" and process through our checkout process. PLEASE NOTE: your $20.00 deposit will be deducted from the total of your claims automatically. Please feel free to add any other items shown on our website (excluding other tiktok sale orders) to your cart if you see something that you wish to add to your order. All payments are due within 48 hours of TikTok Live Sale end. Any unexplained non payers will be permanently blocked from participating in our live sales and Crystal Jackpot events and will also forfeit the $20.00 deposit payment.

Thank you so much for taking the time to register and we hope you enjoy our fabulous TikTok Live Sales xxx

      required for new customers only       

Thanks for submitting!



Payment Plans are only available for order above $200.00 

We only have limited spots available for payment plans and they are NOT guaranteed


We offer in-house payment plans to be able to give our gorgeous customers another payment method option. 

To be eligible for one of our payment plans you must have previously completed our Payment Plan Application Form. This must be complete for EACH payment plan.

Payment plans can be 2 weeks up to a maximum of 3 weeks only (if you are a new customer) however we have plans available up to 6 weeks for orders over $500 and for existing approved customers. We DO NOT offer payment plans over 3 weeks in total if this is your first live sale  with us.

Payment plans MUST be approved by administration. For your payment plan to be approved we will split your total into 3 equal payments for a 3 week payment plan or into 2 equal payments for a 2 week payment plan and you must be able to commit to a first payment of ONE THIRD or HALF of the total of your live sale claims to be made to us within our 48 hour due period terms. The remaining balances are to be paid over the remainder of your approved payment plan time. 

The FIRST PAYMENT of your payment plan MUST be paid within our 48 hour perms or your payment plan will be terminated. This is not negotiable. If this term cannot be met we are very sorry but we will be unable to proceed forward with a payment plan option for you at this time. We are only a small business and DO NOT have the financial means to offer any longer payment terms. If this payment is not received within our 48 hour payment due period your payment plan will be TERMINATED and payment in full will then be required.

You can only have one payment plan at a time.

If you cancel your payment plan we advise that NO REFUNDS will be made for payment/s received.

If for some reason you are unable to make your scheduled payment you must make contact immediately to advise. If any payment is missed without notification your payment plan will be TERMINATED and the balance remaining will be due in full.

By entering into one of our payment plans you are agreeing to the above mentioned payment plan terms and conditions.

Payment Plan Application Form

Payment Plans are ONLY available for orders over $200.00

Please note: it is a mandatory requirement that for a payment plan to be approved that you must be able to commit to a payment of not less than 1/3  or 1/2  value of your live sale claimed items and depending upon your approved payment plan terms. This payment will be required to be paid within our 48 hours from live sale due period. If this term cannot be met we are very sorry but we will be unable to offer you a payment plan at this time.

PLEASE NOTE: your first payment can me a higher amount than 1/3 or 1/2 amount but CAN NOT BE LOWER

After your 1/3 or 1/2 (or higher amount) has been received we will then allow the remaining balance to be split up over the number of weeks you have requested in your payment plan application form.

Are you able to commit to pay a minimum of 1/3 or 1/2 of your total live sale claims within the 48 hour due period?
How any week plan are you applying for?

Thanks for applying! We’ll get back to you soon.

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